Hire the RIGHT Agent



Hire the right agent. I can't stress this enough. Hire someone you have confidence will do the job while producing the most desirable results.  Too many buyers and sellers hire someone due to the pressure of personal connections… even if they don’t have the vision or experience to execute the job at the highest level. HOWEVER — while you don’t want personal relationships to burden your decision, don’t overlook a personal contact who would be perfect for the job. Someone who is well qualified and already invested in you as a friend will go the extra mile for YOU! Trust that they are a professional and your finances and personal details will remain confidential.

So what are you looking for when making this decision? I’ve put together some recommendations below!

If you’re a SELLER:

Hire an agent with the best vision and marketing strategy to sell your home for the highest dollar amount. The marketing strategy and attractive professional photos are what will engage buyers the moment your home hits the market. The 3D tour will allow them to share the space with their significant others or relatives near and far who couldn’t visit the home with them. The luxury staging will make the home look and feel perfect the moment they walk in. Consider what your agent is offering in their listing package and if it would position your home to stand out. Marketing a home is about understanding the emotional response of potential buyers.

Hire an agent who understands the market and knows how to most effectively position your home in any market condition to find you the right buyer willing to pay the highest price. Selling a home in a dynamic and constantly changing market requires an agent who is an expert in the market so they can capitalize on the opportunities that will have the greatest impact. They need to know and understand the dynamics of the market.

Hire an agent who will fight to do right by you and negotiate the best offer possible when selling your home. Work with an agent who ensures you are legally protected and looks out for your best interest at every step of the way. Consider your agents stance on working with both the buyer and seller in one transaction (also known as “double ending the deal”). Can they fairly represent both buyer and seller in one transaction? You deserve representation that is always in your corner.

If you’re a BUYER:

Hire an agent who understands the market and the neighborhood you want to live in. Some neighborhoods are more desirable than others so it’s important for your agent to know what it will take to beat the competition. Work with a local expert.

Hire an agent with strong negotiation skills so they can position you as the most desirable buyer while also guiding you so you aren’t paying more than necessary. Pricing and offer package strategy are the expertise your agent brings to the table, so make sure you’re well represented.

Hire an agent who will spend time reviewing the contract, disclosures and inspections with you. The information in these reports will be your guiding light in your decision to purchase the home, and a strong agent will make sure you are an educated buyer. An agent who spends the time to educate you will be your partner in working towards a smooth close.

While there are many factors to consider when choosing an agent, I’m also a big believer in going with your gut because we often have the innate ability to sense a persons trustworthiness. Choose an agent you believe will help you accomplish your goals but most importantly, once you’ve decided to work with them, remember it’s imperative that you trust their professional instincts and let them do their job.

Don’t forget -— I’m always available to help buyers and sellers in Silicon Valley but if you live outside of this area, I also have a network of agents all over the country (and world!) and can help connect you with the right agent for the job who has been fully vetted by me personally.

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via email at shafaq@eq1re.com, Instagram or Facebook.