Relocating to Tech HQ? Your family will love some Cali Sunshine!

Silicon Valley is an interesting place. As technology central for big name companies, many people continue to move out West to expand their careers, but due to the high cost of living, current residents are also looking to leave the area in search for more affordable living. As Silicon Valley continues to build out it’s own version of a concrete jungle, many find themselves wondering, “is this is still a good place to raise families?” there are still many wonderful neighborhoods that are for the whole crew, but still keep your commute manageable.

With nearly 30 county parks and some of the highest ranked schools in the state of California, your family will be in a great place for education and exploration. Check out some of the best ranked neighborhoods for families in the county.

1) San Jose

San Jose is one of the most well-known cities in Santa Clara County. With over 1 million people residing in San Jose, the city checks in as the third largest in California and naturally is full of life and leisure. The city has a rich history, dating back to the 18th century. A city that largely expanded during the rise of the technology industry, San Jose has innovation at its core. The inventive spirit of the city inspires the tech-minded business people who work there - and will influence your inquisitive kiddos. Not to mention, the gorgeous Santa Cruz Mountains paint a scenic backdrop year round. In San Jose you’ll get the best of both worlds  - the city at your fingertips, with nature not too far away. While scoping out San Jose, visit the Tech Museum of Innovation and take part in the interactive exhibits, or catch a San Jose Giants baseball game.  In this vibrant city, you’ll  never run out of new ideas for things to do. Close access to freeways is another bonus that downtown San Jose has under its belt. Zip back and forth to work - or easily take a family road trip with the many highways directly accessible.

San Jose is made up of a number of smaller neighborhoods, each with their own personality. One of the most popular areas of San Jose is the pristine Rose Garden, a close-knit suburban style community located in the heart of San Jose. The namesake of the neighborhood is the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, a beautiful, historic garden now primarily dedicated to rose varietals. Enjoy the natural oasis amongst the bustling city of San Jose, and engage the kids with the flora and fauna.

2) Sunnyvale

Did you know Sunnyvale was recently named one of the safes cities in the country? With the lowest crime rate of all the surrounding Silicon Valley cities, Sunnyvale offers a great selection of parks, with one on nearly every street throughout the neighborhood. Enjoy the suburban feel of the city and rest easy knowing your kids will be able to safely play outside and explore the neighborhood.

3) Palo Alto

While definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, Palo Alto offers excellent school systems and quality education for your children.  After all, Palo Alto is home to Stanford University - one of the most selective schools in America - so education is certainly of value in this neighborhood. If you are willing to pay more to live in an area where education is a priority, you will be rooted in a thriving area.

Residents can take advantage of the close proximity to Stanford by admiring the wondrous architecture and look down on the campus from atop the Hoover Tower observation deck. For your little actor, inspire them with a show at the Palo Alto Children’s Theater and sign them up for acting classes. For your scientist in training, the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo is a great place for your children to have interactive experiences, while continuing to broaden their minds.

Moving can be hard. Finding the right neighborhood doesn’t have to be. Choose the neighborhood that best meets your family’s needs and enjoy the breadth of career opportunities moving to the Bay Area offers!