Purchasing a home, regardless of your stage in life, is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. It will be an exhilarating experience but may feel overwhelming as many questions arise: Where to buy? How much to spend? How do you decipher the stack of legal jargon you need to sign in order to make the home yours? It’ll be the sanctuary you choose to raise your family in, the purchase you pour your life’s savings into, and the place you retreat to after the high’s and low’s of your day. A place you can actually call your own.

Why Work With Me?

At Compass, we believe in the power of knowledge, the strength of perfection and the results of perseverance. My goal is to make sure you’re a well-informed buyer from the get-go with enough market knowledge and understanding that when we find the perfect home, we have a strategic winning plan in place. Throughout this process, you and I, we’re a team. An unstoppable duo.  I’ll be the Robin to your Batman. The Bonnie to your Clyde. Maybe even the Skipper to your Gilligan, on the right day.  It’s all about trust, commitment, and forming a powerful team together.

I am committed to helping you find your perfect home and partnering with you throughout the entire home-buying process. I will make sure that all of your questions are answered, the paperwork and transaction are handled smoothly, professionally and efficiently. You will always feel confident that I am looking out for your best interest and strongly advocating on your behalf in every transaction. We’re in it to win it!

It all starts with that exhilarating feeling of beginning the search...I’m here so you don’t have to worry about the rest.

Let's connect! Call or text me at 408.753.3011 to discuss the market and your options as a homebuyer!


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The buyers consultation is a strategic consultation where you'll learn the steps of the real estate buying process and develop a customized strategy to win in today's competitive market. We'll provide the education to ensure you're a well-informed buyer, while learning about your desires and wants in a home. Then, the matchmaking to find and win the perfect home begins!