You don’t have to dream of real estate as only the place you build your home…you could also dream of real estate as a landlord, flipper, or just an investor looking to increase your income. Silicon Valley’s real estate market is truly an anomaly. Investors are involved with real estate in a multitude of ways. Whether you are interested in flipping homes for profit, multi-unit properties for cash flow positive rental income, or converting your personal home into a rental property, there is no place like the Silicon Valley to grow your income or equity through real estate. Home to the most prominent tech giants, new talent from all over the world relocate to this area every day in search of their new home. 

When we partner up to manage your current and future investments, my team and I will educate and inform you on the current conditions of the real market in the Bay Area and provide the necessary analysis to evaluate if the potential investment is suitable for your needs and goals. I’ll also provide analysis of the current rental market and advise on what the market would allow the property to rent for. Investors require a knowledgeable tech-savvy Realtor to partner with who is always on top of market trends and can keep them up-to-date on the health and future of their investment. As your agent, I will provide the “white-glove” service investors need to ensure that your real estate investment transaction is as seamless as possible and doesn’t interfere with your other day-to-day business activities.  

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